Wednesday, June 10, 2009


My Woodcock is making us all create a diary on our ecological footprint and how we can make our ecological footprint smaller. Mr Woody told me to create a post about my ecological footprint diary. I told him that i'm going to record my progress everyday in a book and then at the end of every week create a post about it.

I will do way more then these 3 things that I am about to list but at the moment I will try and do this.

1. When ever I leave the room I will turn off all the electrical appliances that i'm not using.
2. I will not play play station and other electrical things as much
3. I will have quicker showers.

I know that these 3 things seem like nothing but if every one in the world did all of these things that would make a huge impact on the environment.


  1. Good thinking, OhSillyNamedOne.
    These small efforts will make a big difference if we all do it with you.
    Well done.

  2. Not playing playstation will be hard i imagine;) maybe you could make sure you unplug it when you finish so that not energy is wasted:) great ideas!

  3. These are great things to stop doing to help save the environment!!


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